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We BLINKK FOOTWEAR are Leading Manufacturer, Dealer and Supplier of Wedding Footwears, Wedges, Customised Footwear, Clutches and Accessories.

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Save the dates! 
First exhibition of the year! 🎉
Save the dates! First exhibition of the year! 🎉
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Mirror Work Wedges
Mirror Work Wedges INR 2500 INR 2500 Strap:- MIrror work with a hint of Zardosi and Kundan in Golden Tissue. Heels:- 3 inches, Golden Brocade Bottom:- Light Golden Faux Leather True 1455454428
Black Zardosi Wedges
Black Zardosi Wedges INR 2700 INR 2700 Strap:- Fusion of Zardosi and Gottapati on Black Gaji Heels:- 3 inches. Black Gaji Bottom:- Dark Golden Faux Leather True 1455454726
Blue Green Zardosi Platforms
Blue Green Zardosi Platforms INR 3500 INR 3500 Strap:- Royal Blue Velvet with Zardosi work Bottom:- Light gold faux leather Heel:- 4 inches Heel cover:- Half green half golden sequence True 1458486542
Pink Orange Gotapatti Box Clutch
Pink Orange Gotapatti Box Clutch INR 2300 INR 2300 The best seller box clutch by Blinkk! Side One:- Pink Gaji Silk with a Gotapatti and Pearl Broach Side Two:- Plain Orange Gaji Silk True 1470332527
Mirror Broach Platforms
Mirror Broach Platforms INR 3500 INR 3500 A beautiful pair of footwear with mirror broach on the side and zardosi work in the strap. Heel:- 4 inches Bottom:- Gold Faux Leather True 1441689769
Pearl Sequence Floral Wedges
Pearl Sequence Floral Wedges INR 2700 INR 2700 Strap:- Pearl and Sequence Floral work on golden tissue Heels:-2.5 inches, Antique Golden brocade Bottom:- Light Golden Faux Leather True 1455468159
Wooden Hexagon Box Clutch
Wooden Hexagon Box Clutch INR 3500 INR 3500 Hexagon shaped wooden box clutch with diamonds heart shaped knob True 1472013108
Multicolour sequence beaded flats
Multicolour sequence beaded flats INR 1800 INR 1800 Flats with multicolour handwork of sequence and beads. Brown laux leather bottom. True 1441689125
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1, Sunview, Opp. Purnanand Ashram, Near Commerce Six Roads, Navrangpura, A'bad-380014
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